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Welcome to
The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum 

Are you seeking a unique and transformative healing experience that integrates intuition and ancient wisdom?


Look no further than The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum... a holistic approach to wellness and spiritual awakening.

Why choose The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum?

The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum shares similarities with kinesiology, as both involve accessing the body's innate wisdom for healing. However, The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum goes beyond traditional muscle testing methods by integrating various depths and layers of healing drawn from a multitude of ancient and modern modalities.


By tapping into these additional dimensions of healing, clients can access profound insights, spiritual awakening, and holistic wellness.

What is The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum?



Each session is tailored uniquely to you, ensuring that your experience is one-of-a-kind.


Integrative Approach

The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum is not only a unique healing modality but also a form of energy psychology and energy medicine.

It addresses the subtle energy systems of the body, promoting balance and harmony on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.



Experience profound insights, healing, and inner peace as you embark on your journey of self-discovery.


Empowering Experience

As the practitioner, I am simply guided by your own energy during the session. I have no control; it's all you! I'm here to facilitate your journey and provide support as you explore and heal. Additionally, remember that you always have free will—you choose what to take on board and implement, only embracing what feels right for you at the time.


Trust in the Process

Sessions can vary in duration, allowing the necessary time for each person's journey to unfold naturally.

How does it work?

Each session begins with a consultation, where we discuss any specific themes or areas of exploration you'd like to focus on. We then enter into the session by using the pendulum to dowse for answers, allowing it to tap into your inner guides and higher consciousness. Throughout the journey, we utilise hundreds of charts and a bookshelf lined with resources, serving as a library of information, to provide guidance and insights in a language that resonates with you.

Miss S

"Thank you Lucy for a wonderful dance of the crystal pendulum session!  Lucy has an incredible intuitive gift which made it such a beautiful session with ‘spot on’ advice.  At all times Lucy made sure she was thorough and complete with her questioning of the pendulum.  She rounded the session off with a beautiful chakra balancing healing which was again perfect!"

Mr G

"At first, I was skeptical of my own beliefs and curious about letting a crystal question my being. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the enlightenment and uplift I experienced during the healing session. It encouraged me to stop overthinking and take action, letting go of my past to create a better future. It has also stopped me from abusing myself, and now I'm actively taking steps forward. I feel energized to progress and take action."

Miss S

“My time with Lucy was like ‘coming home’ !!! The magnificent spiritual land, the dome and Lucy with her gentle, calming and fun nature (personality) all set the mood for me to feel open and ready to explore what the pendulum had to communicate. I initially didn’t have any questions or big issues, yet Lucy is truly a master at allowing the pendulum to bring through the messages and guidance that is required. I think having a lighthearted attitude to the session and being willing to be open and “play / dance” with the pendulum and the guidance coming through was key for me. There were many “aha and Oh really” moments, a sense of being heard and understood. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I am to have Lucy be my tour guide today. The guidance I received is empowering me to make positive changes in my life already…simply amazing."

Miss R

"I have been walking on air since our session, truely I have. It was such a beautiful and magical experience.
When I arrived, I was heavy and burdened with the weight of something that wasn't me, but I couldn't shake it.
I loved that I didn't need to know the questions as Lucy knew what to ask and her beautiful pendulum could confirm. It was like "she" (the pendulum) was an extension of Lucy... linking both worlds together.
Watching them dance together was magical."

Miss B

 "Lucy is like the puppet master of the pendulum!
I was blessed to have a session with Lucy who used her beautiful pendulum to help me gain insight into some blockages I was having.
Wow! I was blown away by both the depth and the accuracy of the session and have implemented the suggestions given into my daily routine.
I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Lucy and her dancing pendulum."

Miss J

"I had a very enlightening experience with Lucy's Dance of the Crystal Pendulum.
I was trying not to acknowledge a blockage I had in my life. I was truly amazed at the answers that showed up for me, and it has shown me a path forward... which is exactly what I was looking for.
The Dome space in which Lucy's session was held, was incredible and felt peaceful and welcoming.
Thank you for this wonderful experience."

Miss S

"The space in and around the Dome has a very serene and tranquil quality to it. It really does transport you to a "different world".
My session with Lucy and The Dance with the Crystal Pendulum was like nothing I have ever experienced before - quickly targeting areas where I greatly benefited from them being brought to the forefront and addressed through a variety of healings in Lucy's "toolbox".
The takeaways from the session were numerous, reflected upon frequently and assisted in making several important decisions in the following weeks."

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The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum!

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