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All About Me

Finding a title or label to describe what I do has been a challenge. I'm an authorised marriage celebrant, a qualified energy healing practitioner and a retreat hostess & facilitator amongst other things!! 


While these roles may seem separate, they're deeply interconnected.


So instead of trying to define myself with a traditional title and tagline, as websites and business cards demand, I've opted to simply go with my name and that's it!! 

​I have quietly and modestly dedicated decades to honing my skills in a wide variety of authentic healing therapies and spiritual practices ... along with embracing the art and traditions of ceremony.

Whether I'm officiating a marriage or facilitating another sacred rite, it is truly an honour.

In the holistic healing realm, my passion and enthusiasm is to nurture and empower each individual to connect with their higher consciousness, unlock their innate ability to access intuition, knowledge and wisdom, and allow them a safe haven to experience profound insights and healings.

One of my proudest achievements is the creation of The Dome. A sacred space designed for soulful experiences and spiritual exploration, purposefully built with sacred geometry principles, connected to the rhythms, vibrations and frequencies of nature.


At its heart, I have intuitively crafted an exclusive, one-of-a-kind healing technique that I've named "The Dance of the Crystal Pendulum". This profound experience is a unique dance of energy, intuition and self-discovery, symbolising the essence of my holistic approach; blending spirituality, ceremony, and energy healing in harmonious union.


So whether you are seeking a Marriage Celebrant, are beginning your spiritual exploration or are well into your soul's journey, I am here to guide, support, and co-create with you.


I look forward to connecting with you on this beautiful path of self-discovery and growth.

awaken higher awareness
honour the light within
strengthen spirit

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